Referral Information

Know your responsibilities under your insurance plan. When your primary care physician (PCP) refers you to a specialist, this is not an insurance referral. Please call our office after you have made an appointment and request your referral. We require a 72-hour notice for all scheduled appointments. We cannot obtain retroactive referrals.

If you have not seen your PCP regarding the medical problem for which you are requesting a referral, a referral cannot be done. You must see your PCP prior to a referral.  If you have already received a referral to a specialist and you are going back for a follow-up appointment, you need to check with the specialist’s office to see if you need another referral.

Emergency Room or Patient First Referrals – Note that you need to contact your PCP on call before going to the ER or Patient First unless it is a life-threatening situation, then you need to contact your PCP within 48 hours for insurance authorization.

Remember, your insurance determines the referral process. If you have any questions as to how your insurance plan works and the benefits, please call the customer service number on your insurance card.

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